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Using SWOT analysis to evaluate sustainability strategies (Sustainability, Society and You MOOC starts again Mon 16 June)

In order to succeed, companies’ strategies for sustainability need to be informed by their context, aware of internal and external factors, and able to adapt with these in mind. A commonly used technique in developing strategy is SWOT analysis, based upon an assessment of ‘Strengths, ‘Weaknesses’, ‘Opportunities’ and ‘Threats’. These

#ocTEL big question

I guess I would like to know how a learning technologist like myself can most effectively support teachers and students to use TEL. How to help ‘more learners do more learning and learn more’ with technology. And with the idea that technology should be easy to use and just one

Socrative tool

Interesting that both the #octel MOOC this week and our university’s Spaces and Technologies for Learning conference on Friday #uonspaceconf have mentioned Socrative. Looks like a really good tool, free for educators and an easy way to do quizzes or polls or the like during live sessions. Andy Fisher demonstrated – one click video conversations A useful tool for group meetings. An alternative to Skype (which doesn’t have video for all) or Google Hangouts, which is good but can be complicated. Use for cross-institution planning, quick chats where an email won’t do, or for students, particularly on distance and online courses, to keep in

Is completion necessary for MOOC participants?

I really am not sure that it matters that a lot of the participants in MOOCs do not officially “complete”. Yet a lot of the furore around MOOCs centres on the fact that only a small proportion of the students actually complete the course. I’d like to argue that it isn’t necessary for students to complete the MOOC to get something out of it.

Legitimate peripheral participation (lurking!) is a phenomenon that has been studied in traditional online courses and communities and is particularly relevant in MOOCs. Someone like myself may well join a MOOC and take from it what I need and have time to get, and be perfectly satisfied with the learning I have achieved, yet perhaps not have completed very many assessment activities or indeed any at all.

NOOCing Nottingham – my presentation from the ALT-C conference

Nottingham’s NOOC was an online course on Perspectives on Sustainability open to all staff and students at all three campuses of the University of Nottingham. Here’s the presentation from my talk about it at the Association for Learning Technology conference this week (sorry it’s a bit late!). Click into post for NOOCing Nottingham PDF

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