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eLearning Papers is looking for essays on topics related to the new learning culture and generation impelled by ICT. The papers may address themes such as new social media in learning, changing learning cultures and habits and learning through mobiles and games. Article submission deadline: 30 March 2009. More information

Features of eportfolios

I was musing on some eportfolio features: An eportfolio should sit between one’s personal space/personal learning space and the institutional learning space (eg VLE) Possible uses of eportfolios assessment application for certification job application personnel record continuing professional development career management Some desirable features: A good app for creating an

Avoiding RSI

If you’re making plans for the year (though a bit late for actual resolutions perhaps?) then a good thing to think about is avoiding RSI. Learning technology and social media people spend a lot of time at keyboards and using computer mice. What would be the one thing that would