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Final reflections on the ALT-C conference #2

Marion Miller, Manager, JISC Regional Support Centre for Yorkshire and Humber, University of Leeds, summed up the contributions to the theme: Learning technology for the social network generation. She made an interesting suggestion that the VLE “has had its day”. The focus is moving away from VLEs towards social networks

ALT-C: bloggers on blogging

Blogging as-you-go isn’t as easy as I thought. I was too tired last night to blog about yesterday so now I have two days’ worth to try to encapsulate! I’ve decided I don’t like live blogging – I’m too chicken to blog directly into Blogger, and have been trying it

ALT-C presentations on Tuesday

I was certainly nodding at Tim Rudd’s exhortation to us to think about learning spaces for the future without being “held back” by starting from where we are now. We must not be bound by cultures and habits from existing methods of teaching and assessment – let’s be innovative! That

ALT-C Day #1

I certainly picked a mixture of different topics at ALT-C today. There are so many sessions it is really difficult to choose, and as I’m changing jobs at the end of this current project I don’t really know what subjects will be most appropriate! So I picked some topics that

See you at ALT-C

I will be attending the ALT-C conference : ALT-C, Beyond Control, Learning technology for the social network generation in Nottingham on 4-6 September 2007. I’ll be there with my colleagues Ale Armellini, Sylvia Jones and Gilly Salmon. We’ll be running a practical workshop on Wiki-tivities. I’m writing it now… it