Monthly Archives: February 2003

News: Spyware epidemic rallies call for action We need to be very much more careful about adware and spyware on our systems. It appears also that Realplayer, for example, a very popular audio and video format currently under attack from MP3 and MPEG formats, contains spyware.

Jane Dorner’s Internet Writer Book update site is an interesting place to find links to all sorts of sites of interest to writers (a few too many ebook publishers and dire examples of design, but many worthwhile sites too). THE HYPE ON HYPERSTORIES “The power of hyperstories becomes evident when, at certain intervals, learners can choose to change perspective and watch the same events unfold from another character’s point of view. The concrete events remain the same but the interpretation and feelings are different. What seemed an appropriate

You’re all cordially invited to participate in the on-line discussion forum *DATA QUILTING*, which has been set up in connection to the *Data Quilting* salon during the Dutch Electronic Art’s Festival (DEAF). Forum is at: With my track record in the connection between textiles and web technology Web Wearable technology is something I crave. Electrotextiles are being invented right now. I loved some textiles I saw demonstrated at the Royal Society of Chemistry some time ago, which were thermo-sensitive. Can’t think why they never caught on! I had a thermoplastic toothbrush too (was supposed to be for