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Five ways to welcome your community members or new students

Whether you’re trying to create a learning community for the students starting your course or trying to nurture a community of practice for your business or organisation, one of the key elements of your strategy should be welcoming your participants. Every e-moderator should have welcoming techniques in their e-moderating toolbox.

Twitter tweets from Helen (helenrf)

11:22 Installed another blog! I am a blog addict. # 18:05 I’ve written two community engagement plans today. Good jobs done I trust! # 08:49 @nrparmar hope the moodling goes well! # 08:52 What are your favourite gadgets? # 11:04 Trying out a possible way to post tweets to

My favourite gadgets

Chris Brogan asked on Twitter “Have you got too many gadgets?” and pointed to a video by Paolo Tosolini about gadgets. My business partner has just acquired a mini-netbook with built in broadband. I’ve seen a lot of these handy gadgets at conferences, and when I’m clattering away on my

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