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Technology to make lectures and presentations interactive

It’s not always easy to engage a large audience interactively in a learning session. Yet we know that active learning and engagement improves understanding, prompts reflection, provides feedback so that the tutor can tune the content of the session, and has many other positive effects on learning. Asking questions however,

Free courses and online CPD resources

It’s amazing how much continuing professional development you can do for free. The web has always been a great place for sharing knowledge and expertise, and there are new ways to do this appearing all the time. It’s almost always the case that someone will have written a blog post

My new HTC TyTN II

I’ve been {playing with} learning to use my new PDA/wonderphone: the HTC TyTN II (winner of several Best PDA and Smartphone awards). It has two cameras (both video cameras), voice recorder, music, Windows mobile with various programmes including Word, Bluetooth and wifi capability, synchs with my Outlook on the laptop

Decisions on the mobiles and PDAs

OK, so it’s taken me a while to make the decision! My colleague has purchased a Nokia 95 (as recommended in this blog by James Clay). I am about to play with this one, and if I like it I’ll buy it! HTC TyTN So I will soon be better-connected