Auditing our domestic waste

Waste audits can be useful in helping you to consciously think about what you are producing/disposing and why? Do you know where your waste goes? Are you aware of the energy and water required to create the products you are using and then throwing away? In the Sustainability, Society and You MOOC I support, which starts again on Monday 16th June, we invite participants to carry out a full or partial audit of your domestic waste and to report back on their findings.

There are often quite unexpected and surprising results from this. Waste can look different at different times of year or on different days. Often people reported that the biggest category of waste was not the one they thought!  Sometimes it threw up a potential change to lifestyle (too many takeaway boxes = too much unhealthy food) or quick wins in living more sustainably. (Lots of disposable coffee cups? Take your own!)

Attached is a Word version of our Waste Audit form for anyone who wants to try a waste audit along with us. Join Sustainability, Society and You and report back on your findings!

Waste audit Word template