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Five ways to welcome your community members or new students

Whether you’re trying to create a learning community for the students starting your course or trying to nurture a community of practice for your business or organisation, one of the key elements of your strategy should be welcoming your participants. Every e-moderator should have welcoming techniques in their e-moderating toolbox.

Read the question!

My son is in the middle of GCSEs and I’ve been giving him the best piece of advice I know for success in exams – read the question! It sounds basic, but it is surprising how easy it is, especially in a stressful situation such as an exam, to miss

Technology stewardship

A post from 2006 in Learning Alliances defines the concept of “technology stewardship” “Technology stewards are people with enough experience of the workings of a community to understand its technology needs, and enough experience with technology to take leadership in addressing those needs. Stewardship typically includes selecting and configuring technology,

Motivating online students

Keller’s ARCS model of motivation AttentionRelevanceConfidenceSatisfaction How can I offer all these elements in an online course? Attention: make sure the activities are engaging and interesting, perhaps even a bit controversial Relevance: meanwhile, being completely relevant to the subject of study and the context in which they are studying –