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Feedback from Season of Inspiration course

One is allowed to blow one’s own trumpet occasionally, yes? Here is some of the feedback from my last writing course… “Though I am a published writer (I have an anthology of Short Stories in my name) I must say I have benefitted from the Season Of Inspiration course in

Season of Inspiration online writing course

I’m really excited to be teaching a new Season of Inspiration writing course in October. This will be the fifth time Sharon Rundle and I have taught this course together over several years. We work brilliantly together online, yet we met for the first time in real life only a

BBC Online courses

The BBC still have available various short self-study online courses. They include several in creative writing. Of course, a “real” course like Season of Inspiration, with tutors and fellow students to feedback on the exercises and writing, is much more useful than self-study, but until we announce the next Season