Monthly Archives: January 2007

E-learning extreme!

Consider yourself – yes you! – tagged to answer this question! Where is the most extreme place you have taken part in e-learning either as student or tutor or developer? A lecturer yesterday admitted to having logged on during a trip up Everest at 4000m. I’m afraid the best I

E-learning Organisations and Resources

Eduserv Offer funding, services and support Questionmark Perception assessment software free trial EDINA JISC funded national datacentre at Edinburgh The future? web 1.0 ==> web 2.0personal websites ==> bloggingdomain name speculation ==> search engine optimisationPage views ==> cost per clickpublishing ==> participationcontent management system ==> wikisstickiness ==> syndicationMySpace – Youtube

Knowledge Management Blog

Knowledge-at-work An interesting blog from Denham Grey, “a Knowledge Management consultant from Indianapolis with a passion for virtual teams, knowledge ecology, communities of practice, distance learning and building corporate memory.” Knowledge management and learning are two sides of the same coin…

Tools and E-tivities

SWF Tools An interesting website of conversion and other tools for manipulating files into Flash. E-tivity error A common mistake beginners make when designing interactive activities for students is to ask them to post the answer to a question that has a single right answer or a limited number of

Personalised learning

Personalised learning hits the headlines! Making the educational personal And still no-one really knows what it means… I guess what it should be about is making sure that every learner – whatever their age! – has access to a wide variety of ways to learn – it’s about accessibility and