Sustainability, Society and You and more MOOCs

This November starts several new initiatives for me.

Sustainability, Society and You

The Sustainability, Society and You MOOC #freeonlinecourse on FutureLearn started yesterday. Six weeks of learning and sharing about sustainable lifestyles, individual, group, neighbourhood, national and global level.¬† I’ve supported this MOOC, for lead educator Prof Sarah Speight, since its inception: it’s now on its sixth incarnation. It’s always fab to meet up with participants from all over the world, at different stages of their sustainability journey. I learn every time.

Countries with participants in Sustainability, Society and You

Blended learning

Also on FutureLearn is the MOOC Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started¬† which is aimed at those new to blended learning in the vocational and further education sector but, as Diana Laurillard explains in the introductory video, is relevant to anyone interested, because there’s always something new to learn.

I also need to finish up the MOOCs I have been doing through October: I’m the worst MOOC finisher in the world – I am always behind! Not a good example?

And there are other November initiatives I will return to in a later post.