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Call for ideas: Blogs in education

Can you help me compile the ultimate list of resources for using blogs in learning and teaching? A while ago I did a bit of a bibliography on the use of wikis in learning and teaching [Blog post August 2007]. Together with some practical action research with the use of

Women bloggers worth a look!

Jack Schofield asked at the weekend “which women bloggers are worth a look?” There are of course far too many to mention! But here are some of my favourites: Lorelle VanFossen writes Lorelle on WordPress, which is a wonderful source of information not just about WordPress but about blogging in

Wordle for tag clouds

Wordle is a rather beautiful way to display tags – prettier than the usual tag cloud it generates “word clouds” from text that you paste in yourself. Like a normal tag cloud, words that appear more frequently in the source text are bigger. Various colour schemes are available. They can

How to choose your blog name

If you are setting up a new blog, probably the next important task after choosing your blog niche is to the job of choosing a name for your blog. One of the first questions is whether to have a quirky name that no-one has already got, so that you can

Putting a blog feed on Facebook

There are so many Facebook apps that I now turn down or ignore most of the Quizzes or role-playing invitations I get on Facebook. However here’s FlogBlog – an application that’s actually useful – it provides a feed to your existing blog via Facebook. A good way to integrate Blogger

Edublog awards 2007

While I’ve been away with a virus (head rather than computer…) the winners of the Edublog 2007 awards have been announced. They are a great selection of blogs. I was intrigued by the “most influential blog post” which is the one by Karl Fisch back in 2006 which started the

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