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Short thoughts

12:15 Is everything we do in communities learning? One could say so – all conversations are learning – but it’s not a word everyone likes to use # 12:17 A favourite use of video on the Web (brill elearning) is – I had dinner with Prof Poliakoff last night

Short thoughts

12:12 Is there such a thing as a basic free video editor? I just want to chop an avi file in two,,, # 13:58 The answer to my own question about free video editing seems to be Windows Movie Maker – who would have thought it! # Automatically shipped by

Short thoughts

13:07 @ajcann I was trying to tell someone that just the other day – but they were so pleased they’d had the idea to contact their students on FB # 13:09 there should be a way to "ignore" or "exclude" private twitter conversations with tags that don’t concern one… #

The greening of conferences – online conferences this autumn

Online conferences are BIG these days. Some organisations have been running virtual conferences for a while and others are just starting out, or experimenting with an online element to a face-to-face conference.   Technology has moved on a lot and there are a variety of options for online conferences and webinars,

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