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Web 2.0: sharing and contributing

Web 2.0 sites These sites will open in a new window. Wikipedia Digg (news items) (social bookmarking) Skype (internet telephony) Maps Google maps Microsoft’s Virtual Earth Sharing content YouTube (videos) Google videos iTunes (podcasts and music) Slideshare (presentations) 4shared (files & documents) Flickr Social networks Facebook (students etc.) MySpace

Colour picking

Here’s an interesting widget that helps you pick co-ordinating colours – particularly good for designing webpages, but also good for colours of any kind! Note: it doesn’t work in Internet Explorer, so you will need Firefox to use it properly, I’m afraid. Get great free widgets at Widgetbox!


At a conference I attended recently, there was much discussion about what “embedding” means in the context of e-learning in Higher Education. I was thinking maybe we should be talking about “Mbedding” because possibly the whole point is to lose the “e”… Technology should be just one of the tools

That email mountain…

Debbie Weil writes in the Guardian about one way to deal with an overload of email. Well, we all face it to some extent, don’t we? Two bloggers in the US have declared themselves ’email bankrupt.’ Fred Wilson declared: ‘I am so far behind on email that I am declaring

Google pitching to Higher Education

According to this story on the BBC today, Google is expanding its empire into universities – with entire campus e-mail networks switching over to using Google’s e-mail service. Apparently Trinity College Dublin has switched over entirely to Google’s e-mail. The new Google-based e-mail addresses (which can still be applied to

Women, Business and Blogging

We both attended the Women, Business and Blogging conference at De Montfort University last Friday 8th June. The speakers were fascinating (lots more detail on these on Helen Whitehead’s blog Periodic Fable): Meg Pickard of Guardian Unlimited, Eileen Brown of Microsoft and Jory des Jardins of BlogHer. They presented some

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