Monthly Archives: October 2005

Designing educational technologies with usersA handbook from NESTA FuturelabBy Keri Facer and Ben Williamson“In recent years there has been increasing concern about the apparent estrangement of developers of digital educational resources from those who are intended to use these resources – children, teachers or lecturers. The recent DfES E-Learning Strategy

An interesting new online story … Inanimate Alice – How Did I Get Here?Episode 1: China The first episode of ‘How Did I Get Here?’ appears on the website of Sensory Perspective ( ), the developer of the Electrosmog Detector which spotlights the potentially harmful pollution resulting from wireless

A BBC article suggesting English lessons should learn from multimedia (“Schools should take advantage of the range of texts now available to teach the language, including online”) at led me to a QCA report “A curriculum for the future: subjects consider the challenge” which can be downloaded at