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self-centred learning

Theories of learning – the ultimate in personalisation

News reached me today of an interesting new model of learning design from the Applied Pedagogic Research Institute of Learning – an international consortium of researchers and practitioners from Finland, Oman, Okayama and Luxembourg – which promises to ‘promote individual attainment through authentic learning practice via user-driven acquisition of learning

Reflection: Towards a definition of reflective learning

Donald Schön (1983) suggested that the capacity to reflect on action so as to engage in a process of continuous learning was one of the defining characteristics of professional practice. He commented on the “Technical Rationality” type of model of professional training  — which involves “charging students up” with knowledge

Call for ideas: Blogs in education

Can you help me compile the ultimate list of resources for using blogs in learning and teaching? A while ago I did a bit of a bibliography on the use of wikis in learning and teaching [Blog post August 2007]. Together with some practical action research with the use of

Online community roles: 3. the Member Services Manager

In my previous posts about the roles and tasks within an online community or community-based social network, I discussed the roles of the Community Editor and Community Facilitator. Both these roles, but particularly that of the Community Facilitator, are really a combination of roles, but it helps to categorise the

Online community roles: 2. the community facilitator

The core principle of The Cohesion Model for Sustainable Online Communities and Social Networks (as described in my previous post on 13th November) is that there are effectively three levels within a community – the Public, the Community or Collaborative, and the Private or Individual level.  There is a role associated

Online community roles: 1. the community editor

The Cohesion Model for Sustainable Online Communities and Social Networks was developed by myself, Helen Whitehead, and Liz Cable over three years, and based on rather more than 15 years of experience in online communities and social networks before that.  It’s also informed by the literature on learning communities, communities

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