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Helen Whitehead

Helen Whitehead is a digital writer, editor and learning technologist who has been working with online media for over 25 years. Her expertise is in the innovative and appropriate use of digital tools for narrative, creative writing, learning and teaching. Helen has managed the Kids on the Net digital literacy project for 15 years. She holds a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, and an MA in Writing from The Nottingham Trent University.

She is particularly interested in the multi-dimensional structures of digital texts and narratives, in making digital texts accessible to new readers and learners, and in facilitating online communities. She has researched digital literacy, learning communities and technologies at school and HE levels and has presented at academic and educational conferences. She has worked as an e-learning expert for Nottingham Trent University, as e-learning facilitator for the National College for School Leadership and as an e-learning consultant. Helen was a Learning Technologist and researcher at the University of Leicester, then founded and ranĀ  an e-learning, online communities and social media consultancy based in Leeds. She is currently a Moodle Maven and facilitator of online learning at the University of Nottingham.

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