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Blue is the new green?

According to an article about trendspotting on the BBC website today, The Shape of Things to Come, all things “green” will be outmoded in 2008. But that’s not to say that environmental issues will not be important, far from it…. “Blue will be the new green, says the director of

Elearning saves the environment!

The Open University have proved elearning is green (bit of an old study, but I would think computers are even more energy efficient now…) “A study by the Open University found that on average ‘distance/open learning courses used 90% less energy consumption and produced 90% fewer CO2 emissions than the

No health risk from mobile phone masts?

So there’s nothing to worry about – healthwise – from mobile phone masts. That’s certainly reassuring – for most of us. Mobile phone masts are not responsible for the symptoms of ill health some blame them for, say researchers at the University of Essex. Dozens of people who believed the