Monthly Archives: May 2014

Auditing our domestic waste

Waste audits can be useful in helping you to consciously think about what you are producing/disposing and why? Do you know where your waste goes? Are you aware of the energy and water required to create the products you are using and then throwing away? In the Sustainability, Society and

#ocTEL big question

I guess I would like to know how a learning technologist like myself can most effectively support teachers and students to use TEL. How to help ‘more learners do more learning and learn more’ with technology. And with the idea that technology should be easy to use and just one

Socrative tool

Interesting that both the #octel MOOC this week and our university’s Spaces and Technologies for Learning conference on Friday #uonspaceconf have mentioned Socrative. Looks like a really good tool, free for educators and an easy way to do quizzes or polls or the like during live sessions. Andy Fisher demonstrated