Five benefits of blended learning applied

5 benefits of blended learningHere are five of the benefits of blended learning with an example of how they might be applied in a course to train staff with advanced Moodle roles:

  • flexibility: access at desk or on mobile devices, at any time that suits the learner. Staff working with Moodle may be academics or support staff and all need to fit it into a busy schedule, it’s suitable for those with different working patterns such as part -time working
  • active learning: provide opportunities during the training to perform tasks and practice activities. These could be simulated tasks or genuine day to day tasks working within Moodle: a Sandbox module is provided to practice in.
  • personalisation: allow learners to take a path through the learning depending on their needs: but as they don’t always know what they need to know (!) it’s also necessary to show how the material is relevant to them, providing it in a context which is meaningful
  • learner control: allow the learners to progress at their own pace and where possible choose their own path through the material
  • feedback: provide feedback to help learners move through the materials and test their understanding as they go: using interactive learning materials, quizzes and the ability to ask questions of a tutor if necessary