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Something to show how blogs work…. I was looking for an example of skins and the ability for users to customise a website’s look. One example, apparently in Flash is at Will Young’s website

Study says boys read – they just don’t read much. There have been lots of studies in the UK too about this. David Clayton was an advocate for boys’ reading. I was recently contacted about a project in the South West to develop boys’ literacy through ICT.

Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/23/2003 | When files survive, but not the technology to read them “Joe Miller of the University of Southern California recently learned that he could not access data from the 1976 Viking Mars landings, which were stored on magnetic tape; a [15-year-old] digital version of the approximately


Congress to take on spam, copyright When the 107th Congress ended its work last November, politicians discarded dozens of technology-related bills that had been briefly considered but were never enacted. Now that the 108th Congress has begun this week, some of those controversial proposals dealing with spam, copyright and Internet

Learning CSS

I have decided that it is essential to learn CSS for my next website, and have found a useful online tutorial/guide at Of course, there’s always Webmonkey and Lissa explains everything at a nicely simple level designed for kids but I suspect the kids don’t need it and we

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