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I’m not entirely sure what the difference is between podcasting, WebTV and videosharing. I suspect the difference is merely semantics and probably not important, it’s the sites that matter. Here’s an interesting site that does WebTV/podcasts. Quite a lot about entrepreneurship.

Culture and technology

So often those who start using learning technologies (or creative technologies, or social technologies….) carry over into the new context assumptions, methods and processes that were appropriate in the old context but not in the new. However, it can take time for new ways of working to be discovered and

Useful books on e-learning

McConnell, D. (2006) E-Learning Groups and Communities: Imagining Learning in the Age of the Internet. Jochems W, van Merriënboer J and Koper R (2004) Integrated E-Learning: implications for pedagogy, technology and organisation, London: Routledge and Falmer Collis B and Moonen J (2004) Flexible Learning in a Digital World (2nd edition),

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Web Applications and Web 2.0 links

Personalised homepages PageFlakes Netvibes iGoogle Office/Organisation 30 boxes web calendar Amazon S3 (NOTE – not free)Simple Storage Servicecan be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web Yahoo pipesfeed aggregator ThinkfreeThinkFree Office is a Microsoft® Office compatible application suite comprised

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