Monthly Archives: September 2006

Can you hear it?

Applications are being developed for a 17 KHz sound that young people can hear but adults can’t. Apparently by about 25 we lose the ability to hear such high-pitched sounds. It started out as a deterrent for shops etc. to play loudly and discourage teens from loitering. Then in a


Apple are sending out a suite of law-suits to protect the word “pod” as used in the word podcasting. They have targeted iPodder – which I can understand – it’s the “i” and the “pod” used together that is their trademark. However I don’t see how they can win on


I’ve been looking into podcasting, now that I am working closely with the people responsible for the IMPALA project. Here’s an article from CBBC about schools podcasting Assignment: podcast from BT“A mini-website dedicated to providing pupils and teachers with everything they need to know to make their own internet audio

Jorum Jorum is a JISC-funded collaborative venture in UK Higher and Further Education to collect and share learning and teaching materials, allowing their reuse and repurposing, and standing as a national statement of the importance of creating interoperable, sustainable materials.

Viewpoints on Style

“Divergent men who are successful are lauded in our society as leaders, entrepreneurs, go-getters. Divergent men who do not succeed are seen as impulsive, unreliable, fool-hardy. Divergent women are altogether a different story—seen as bossy, headstrong, domineering, uncontrolled and uncontrollable. Ah, what we miss by our definitional limits!” Guess whose