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Wikis – advantages and disadvantages

A wiki is a universally-editable website with minimal formatting. The word comes from the Hawaiian wiki-wiki which means “quick”. Advantages of using wikis in learning and teaching No special software needed Immediate posting of content Low graphics content – fast loading Simple or complex hypertext structure as required Can have

See you at ALT-C

I will be attending the ALT-C conference : ALT-C, Beyond Control, Learning technology for the social network generation in Nottingham on 4-6 September 2007. I’ll be there with my colleagues Ale Armellini, Sylvia Jones and Gilly Salmon. We’ll be running a practical workshop on Wiki-tivities. I’m writing it now… it

Literature Factory

From my mailbox… You are invited to the grand opening of the Literature Factory at Kula 2 (187,7) in Second Life. What is a Literature Factory? Well now, that’s a silly question, it’s simply a factory that makes literature. According to Wikipedia: “The term “literature” has different meanings depending on

Season of Inspiration online writing course

I’m really excited to be teaching a new Season of Inspiration writing course in October. This will be the fifth time Sharon Rundle and I have taught this course together over several years. We work brilliantly together online, yet we met for the first time in real life only a

Community cycling…

I’ve just found out that my local Freecycle group has changed affiliation. They are now part of Realcycle. The local group has left the Freecycle network for a variety of reasons indicative of a breakdown of community. I can see Freecycle’s point of view – they want to “upgrade” the

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse Blogging

The Web, and especially the user-generated opportunities now available in communities and Web 2.0 applications, are revolutionising the way we get our news. Yesterday and today was a good example. One’s heart goes out to the relatives of those killed and injured in the dramatic bridge collapse in Minneapolis. Bloggers,

Uses of wikis in education

Contrary to the usual practice on a blog, I am going to use this post to assemble links to published papers, resources, etc. on the subject of wikis. (This may in fact be more of a wiki-type activity itself, except that I am the only person contributing.) This post will

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