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Call for ideas: Blogs in education

Can you help me compile the ultimate list of resources for using blogs in learning and teaching? A while ago I did a bit of a bibliography on the use of wikis in learning and teaching [Blog post August 2007]. Together with some practical action research with the use of

How to choose your blog name

If you are setting up a new blog, probably the next important task after choosing your blog niche is to the job of choosing a name for your blog. One of the first questions is whether to have a quirky name that no-one has already got, so that you can

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse Blogging

The Web, and especially the user-generated opportunities now available in communities and Web 2.0 applications, are revolutionising the way we get our news. Yesterday and today was a good example. One’s heart goes out to the relatives of those killed and injured in the dramatic bridge collapse in Minneapolis. Bloggers,

Why blog?

A blog: poses questions references other sources of information is about a topic that makes you (and other people) think can have a subject OR a context that links the posts: the context can be a what (sheds, a hobby) or a why – it gives the user an understanding

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