Monthly Archives: December 2006

Happy New Year

What will the year bring in e-learning and on the Web? Viruses, spam, indifference to and frustration with new technology and a lot of people missing the point and failing to see the potential… and, I hope, a few of those moments where someone goes away from a technology workshop

Upgrading Moodle

Hurrah! I’ve upgraded my Moodle installation. I had a heartstopping moment when I found that my access had mysteriously changed from Administrator to Teacher and I couldn’t edit anything! I spent a few worried minutes searching through my records to see if I had any other administrator passwords. However, it

Interactive Christmas

OK, another trivial post in a “serious” blog – but there is a point to be taken from these frivolous sites. It’s quiote simply how incredibly easy it is to take part in these things (Web 2.0 I suppose it all is) now. allows the user to upload and