#ocTEL big question

I guess I would like to know how a learning technologist like myself can most effectively support teachers and students to use TEL. How to help ‘more learners do more learning and learn more’ with technology.

And with the idea that technology should be easy to use and just one more tool in the teacher’s kitbag, I should really be trying to put myself out of a job. I should be encouraging and facilitating better ways of learning and teaching not just technology based ones… TEL should be no different from any other enhanced learning.

So the big question is – should there really be such a thing as a learning technologist?


  • Hi Helen, great question!
    I hope you don’t mind if I share my 2-sided thoughts.
    On the one hand, I think in learning and development, there is a definite rise in blended approaches to teaching and learning, as well as greater encouragement for exploration and discovery. In this sense, “learning technology” is simply becoming part of the scene (rather than a thing, out on its own, doing its own thing).
    On the other hand, as with all areas of life, we need specialisation: professionals who dig deeper to discover what is possible and explore new ways of doing things. As such, a “learning technologist” could be the professional to do just this. An analogue could be found in medicine, where we have GPs, specialists, surgeons, and so forth.

  • Tom Franklin

    Very good question. While we should in theory be working towards making LTs unnecessary it is such a long way off that we don’t need to worry about that. Technology is changing so fast and our understanding of wharf it can do and of how it can support learning so basic that we still have oodles to do. And even then years of work to get it effectively ended in practice.

  • Tracey Madden

    To answer your question with a question: ‘What would life be like without Learning Technologists?’
    Perhaps others would have to take up the work that was not being done and broaden their responsibilities and experience (good thing?) or the work would not be done at all…