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Don’t betray your own privacy when you blog..

Everything on the Web is archived (check It may be impossible to take something down once it is online so be careful what you post and what you allow others to post. So consider what would happen if your next employer Googled you. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put anything on the Web, just review everything first. Your holiday pictures of the South of France on Flickr are probably fine – but not the stag party in Magaluf. Your blog reflecting on news and issues of relevance to professionals like yourself may build you a professional reputation, but your no-holds-barred blog about the terrible kids and teachers at your inner-city school should probably be anonymous.

Today’s interesting links!

Pew internet research:“Teens and Social Media: The use of social media gains a greater foothold in teen life as they embrace the conversational nature of interactive online media.” Designing communities presentationby Christina Wodtke: Free stock photos Wikis in plain English other videos by the same people are excellent explanations

The digital divide…

What digital divide? There is very much a divide on the basis of age – the older generation have grown up in a “keep yourself to yourself” era of treasured privacy, but younger people now plaster their identity all over cyberspace and aren’t so concerned with privacy (rightly or wrongly).

Putting a blog feed on Facebook

There are so many Facebook apps that I now turn down or ignore most of the Quizzes or role-playing invitations I get on Facebook. However here’s FlogBlog – an application that’s actually useful – it provides a feed to your existing blog via Facebook. A good way to integrate Blogger

Digital Radio – am I onto a losing thing?

The BBC reports today on the closure of two digital radio stations, The Jazz and Planet Rock from GCap Media. They state that “DAB Digital radio is being portrayed in some quarters as the 21st century’s version of Betamax, the video format that lost out to VHS in the 1970s.”

Tag cloud

A tag cloud is a visual way of representing the most frequent (important) keywords in a web page. Here’s a tag cloud for the latest posts on the Reach Further Blog. admin awards bbc being believe blog blue business comment community computer course date encouraging entrepreneurship events facebook feel filed

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