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Using SWOT analysis to evaluate sustainability strategies (Sustainability, Society and You MOOC starts again Mon 16 June)

In order to succeed, companies’ strategies for sustainability need to be informed by their context, aware of internal and external factors, and able to adapt with these in mind. A commonly used technique in developing strategy is SWOT analysis, based upon an assessment of ‘Strengths, ‘Weaknesses’, ‘Opportunities’ and ‘Threats’. These

NOOCing Nottingham – my presentation from the ALT-C conference

Nottingham’s NOOC was an online course on Perspectives on Sustainability open to all staff and students at all three campuses of the University of Nottingham. Here’s the presentation from my talk about it at the Association for Learning Technology conference this week (sorry it’s a bit late!). Click into post for NOOCing Nottingham PDF

Online community roles: 1. the community editor

The Cohesion Model for Sustainable Online Communities and Social Networks was developed by myself, Helen Whitehead, and Liz Cable over three years, and based on rather more than 15 years of experience in online communities and social networks before that.  It’s also informed by the literature on learning communities, communities

Blue is the new green?

According to an article about trendspotting on the BBC website today, The Shape of Things to Come, all things “green” will be outmoded in 2008. But that’s not to say that environmental issues will not be important, far from it…. “Blue will be the new green, says the director of

Elearning saves the environment!

The Open University have proved elearning is green (bit of an old study, but I would think computers are even more energy efficient now…) “A study by the Open University found that on average ‘distance/open learning courses used 90% less energy consumption and produced 90% fewer CO2 emissions than the

Community cycling…

I’ve just found out that my local Freecycle group has changed affiliation. They are now part of Realcycle. The local group has left the Freecycle network for a variety of reasons indicative of a breakdown of community. I can see Freecycle’s point of view – they want to “upgrade” the

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