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Today I had a discussion on Twitter about geek dreams, after I dreamed in Twitter messages (sad, isn’t it?) and others admitted to also twittering, as well as dreaming in HTML and CSS. I remember when I was learning Photoshop that I used to see web-safe colour codes on car

Digital Literacies Symposium

ELESIG – the Special Interest Group for those interested in Evaluating the Learner Experience of E-Learning – invites academics to a seminar on Impact of learner experience research – digital literacies. It’s on Thursday, 20th November 2008 at the Evolution Suite, Longbridge Technology Park, 1 Devon Way Birmingham B31 2TS.

Read the question!

My son is in the middle of GCSEs and I’ve been giving him the best piece of advice I know for success in exams – read the question! It sounds basic, but it is surprising how easy it is, especially in a stressful situation such as an exam, to miss

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