Call for ideas: Blogs in education


Can you help me compile the ultimate list of resources for using blogs in learning and teaching?

A while ago I did a bit of a bibliography on the use of wikis in learning and teaching [Blog post August 2007]. Together with some practical action research with the use of wikis in some University departments, this culminated in a model for wikitivities which I and my then colleagues on the ADELIE project presented as a workshop at ALT-C 2007.

As someone who has blogged since before blogs were invented (well, the name blog anyway) and as I have been involved in teaching blogging and journalling ever since I worked with artists and practitioners on their process journals, I have long been interested in the potential of blogs as journals in education and personal development. I have always intended to follow up the wiki research with something similar on blogs. Of course, the field is vast and there is now much excellent use of blogs in learning and teaching, but I find there are still few really good lists of resources and references from which good practice can be gleaned.

So I’m collecting information about uses of blogs in education, for working with students, for reflective practice and for personal continuing professional development.

Some of the questions and issues around this include:

  • IT implications of blogs (hosted inside or outside the institution)?
  • Control and authorship
  • Group blogs and personal blogs
  • Blogs as reflection on professional practice as a teacher/academic/researcher
  • Blogs used for sharing practice – as part of a community
  • Public vs private
  • Blogs as part of e-portfolios or VLEs
  • Reflection vs publicity
  • Learning memes, guidance and frameworks

If you use a blog at all can you answer some of the following questions?

  • How have you used blogs with your students?
  • What were the challenges, barriers, limitations?
  • Was it a success overall?
  • What were the most successful elements?
  • Do you feel that it improved learning?
  • What for you is the most important benefit of blogs for learning and teaching?
  • What three top tips would you give to someone starting to use blogs with their students?

How have you used your own blog for professional purposes?

If you have any references or web resources etc. on this topic, I would be grateful for a pointer.

If you have been working yourself with blogs in education, I would appreciate it if you could answer the questions above and let me know.

How to contribute:

  1. Tweet me at @helenrf
  2. Add a comment to this blog post, below.
  3. Cloudworks: I am collecting resources and info in a cloudscape on Cloudworks: please feel free to add content
  4. Email me at

I will share my results with the sector via my blog and e-learning communities. I’d also like to share good examples with the participants in the online courseBlogging For Reflective Learning” starting in June at the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development

Please get in touch if you have any good examples! Thank you.