I’ve been blogging for over ten years…

I didn’t celebrate my 10-year blogging anniversary, but perhaps I should have! Not many bloggers can claim to have been on the Web for over ten years.  In fact I’ve been blogging longer than that. I used to write a regular entry on LitWeb (anyone remember that?) which has now disappeared along with my earliest posts. And quite a lot of my contributions to the trAce website would now be thought of as blog material.

So what was I writing about all those years ago?

Originally I tended to use my blog as a “Web log” as they were originally intended: perhaps more of an annotated bookmarking tool: e.g.,  May 2007’s list of web applications and web 20 links  or my first discovery of Pecha Kucha on Wayne Hodgins’ blog (he seems to have stopped blogging in May 2012 but the post is still there).

Back in January 2003 I was thinking about learning CSS   and giving a presentation on Crime Online: How web-writers subvert the genre of crime fiction

And titles for posts were not something I thought were important in those days!

Periodic Fable