Can UK bloggers make the money Americans do?

On the BBC’s blog, Rory Cellan-Jones recently discussed whether or not Brits can make any money from blogging.   While there are various quotes from Ashley Norris, previously of Shiny Media who is convinced the UK situation is too small and parochial for bloggers to make money, Cellan-Jones is slightly more optimistic.

It probably isn’t  possible to replicate the success of the big US blogging companies, but there is certainly money to be made with blogging as part of a portfolio of skills, for example, for journalists and social media consultants – and, I would add, as part of a strategic online marketing policy for any business.

Blogger Patrick Altoft is quoted with some excellent advice for any blogger: what is at the heart of good and successful blogging is that: “You have to develop your own niche, you need to break news, you need to write stuff that nobody else is writing.”

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