How to link Twitter and your blog

The Twitterverse and the blogosphere are great places to find out information. Recently I’ve been alerted to: WordPress and Twitter: 35 Mega Twitter Plugins for WordPress, a post on the mostly excellent W3mag which has gone straight into my RSS reader. In this particular post, tools for creating links between blogs (specifically WordPress) and Twitter are discussed, including several that update Twitter with details of your latest blog post.

Having said that, there is a growing feeling that merely using Twitter to puff off your blog is virtually spamming your Twitter community. In my blogging and social media courses I tend to recommend that once the blog post is written, you extract a key message and post that on Twitter – with a link to the blog post, rather than letting an auto plugin do it for you. Twitter is perfect for pithy comments and tips so it’s good to use it that way, and be (a little bit more) expansive in your blog.

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