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Microsoft Teams vs. Moodle

I’ve been looking for some genuine evaluation of Microsoft Teams versus Moodle. I know that there is a lot that people like about Teams that Moodle (at least our version) can’t do, such as the incorporation of chat, notifications, everything streamed together…  But has anyone done a proper comparison? Googling

Sustainability, Society and You and more MOOCs

This November starts several new initiatives for me. Sustainability, Society and You The Sustainability, Society and You MOOC #freeonlinecourse on FutureLearn started yesterday. Six weeks of learning and sharing about sustainable lifestyles, individual, group, neighbourhood, national and global level.  I’ve supported this MOOC, for lead educator Prof Sarah Speight, since

Using SWOT analysis to evaluate sustainability strategies (Sustainability, Society and You MOOC starts again Mon 16 June)

In order to succeed, companies’ strategies for sustainability need to be informed by their context, aware of internal and external factors, and able to adapt with these in mind. A commonly used technique in developing strategy is SWOT analysis, based upon an assessment of ‘Strengths, ‘Weaknesses’, ‘Opportunities’ and ‘Threats’. These

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