How to get a screenshot of anything on your screen

screenshot how-toI blog about learning technology at the University of Nottingham Learning Technology Blog. This month one of my posts covers how to get a screenshot from anything you see on your screen.

I cover why you might want to create a screenshot, e.g., to demonstrate something to someone or to show an error message to report to a HelpDesk.  Reasons I use screenshots include:

  • Adding illustrations to Help materials
  • Keeping track of a moment in a live event such as a webinar (especially a whiteboard that participants are writing on)
  • To record an error message to send to the technical team.
  • To remind of something I need to do

You can use programs such as Greenshot or Snagit, or the features built into the computer or device you’re using.

Read more about how to do this at How to get a screenshot of anything on your screen.