Microsoft Teams vs. Moodle

I’ve been looking for some genuine evaluation of Microsoft Teams versus Moodle. I know that there is a lot that people like about Teams that Moodle (at least our version) can’t do, such as the incorporation of chat, notifications, everything streamed together…  But has anyone done a proper comparison?

Googling just turns up rants about Moodle being old-fashioned and lots of hype about Teams (mostly from a business standpoint).  Nowhere can I find anyone talking pedagogy. I will keep looking though. I probably need to go deeper into the search results…

For example:

Reasons why educational institutions SHOULD use Microsoft Teams

1. “Because we’re all already using Office 365”

Yes, this is true (at least at our University). But just because I’m using a gas hob doesn’t mean an electric oven isn’t better for cooking my casseroles and roasts… In an age when there’s an app for everything, dedicated to a purpose, it seems counter-intuitive to focus on a single gargantuan product to fit all purposes…  Moodle itself is big and complex enough, and it doesn’t even try to do what Microsoft Office 365 or even the Teams part of it does.

2. “Students are digital natives and expect this stuff”

The idea of digital natives has pretty much been blown as a myth at least in education. Students want “current technologies” and don’t want traditional intranets and portals. I’m not sure that’s true. It’s healthy to be able to separate work and play, study and life. With personal messages distracting you when you’re studying and study messages lost in the deluge of social ones, it’s very difficult to achieve a work-life balance. Shouldn’t we be educating students to manage that better rather than adding to the problem?

3. “Preparing students for the real world.”

Students need to be familiar with the tools they will be using in the workplace. It improves their employability. Yes, that’s true, and it’s an excellent idea to have them use these tools. But the fact remains – are those tools – that they will be using IN THE WORKPLACE – the best tools for LEARNING with? A University education is about more than learning employer-ready skills – that’s important – but learning to learn, learning to be innovative and creative – and even, in many cases, storing up knowledge and practising non-digital skills that will be relevant to jobs, are just as important.