Introduction to Delicious – social bookmarking

What is it?

Delicious ( or is a social bookmarking service that allows users to save their favourite websites as bookmarks and share them with other people.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Bookmarking is a way of storing and sharing websites that you found useful or interesting. In the past, if you discovered a website that you liked it was possible to add the site as a bookmark in your web browser, and this would store the site so that you could visit it again without having to know the address. This is how the majority of website bookmarking was done in the past, although it is now possible to save these bookmarks online and to share them with others. or is a popular social bookmarking service which allows users to store the name and address of websites to a web-based application, meaning they can be accessed anywhere. Users sign up for a free account and are then able to begin storing bookmarks to their account, which is stored online meaning they can be accessed from any computer. Users can also share their bookmarks with friends and colleagues in order to produce a storage of information which is easily accessible by a wide number of people at once.

When you save a bookmark, you have the option to tag it in order to search for it later and to store it in a category. This helps to retrieve the bookmark later when you return. The delicious home page also displays the most popular tags which can be accessed to see what the most popular items are at the time. Users can also search for tags to see other content which has been bookmarked by other users.


  • Access bookmarks from any computer
  • Share bookmarks with other users and see others’ bookmarks
  • Search for tags to see the most popular content related to that tag
  • Applications like browser toolbars and iPhone apps allow easy saving of bookmarks without visiting the homepage
  • Can drive traffic to your website
  • Helps to build up a library of information.


  1. No standard tagging system such as capitalisation, plurals etc. can lead to mis-tagging (How-to-blog, how_to_blog or howtoblog?).
  2. The tagging system is open to abuse, with spammers constantly submitting their own work or by tagging their own content with popular tags, even if they’re not related to the content.
  3. Although highly unlikely, data could be lost as in the case of ma.gnolia where a database error lost all stored data.

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