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Minneapolis Bridge Collapse Blogging

The Web, and especially the user-generated opportunities now available in communities and Web 2.0 applications, are revolutionising the way we get our news. Yesterday and today was a good example. One’s heart goes out to the relatives of those killed and injured in the dramatic bridge collapse in Minneapolis. Bloggers,

Social Networks for Entrepreneurs

I’ve a few clients asking about how best to network online, and which portals/sites/communities are worth signing up to and bring results. Of course, it depends on what “results” you want – there are different communities around for businesses at different stages, sectors, geographic locations, etc. Facebook has several internal

Web 2.0: sharing and contributing

Web 2.0 sites These sites will open in a new window. Wikipedia Digg (news items) del.icio.us (social bookmarking) Skype (internet telephony) Maps Google maps Microsoft’s Virtual Earth Sharing content YouTube (videos) Google videos iTunes (podcasts and music) Slideshare (presentations) 4shared (files & documents) Flickr Social networks Facebook (students etc.) MySpace