27 Varieties of blog post: 2 Re-post blogging

Contributing to blogs is part of many professionals’ jobs these days, not least in HE. This is the second in a series of posts aiming to provide an arsenal of ideas to make writing those posts easier.

27 varieties blog post 2 re-post2 Re-post blogging

This is taking a post or article from another location and re-posting a significant part of it as a blog post with some original commentary. This is very easy to do – but only works if it is very relevant to your topic. It can also smack of plagiarism if done too often!

Example 1: Staying focused while working from home by Stephanie Booth on Going Solo


An example of re-posting with some original commentary

Example 2:

Friends on Facebook – fake contacts? by Helen Whitehead on learningcommunities.co.uk


How to write this kind of post

  1. Use Twitter or your RSS feed to find a blog post which rings a bell with you, and that you agree with.
  2. Cut and paste a portion of the post.
  3. Add a paragraph at the beginning introducing it.
  4. Add a paragraph or two at the end saying why you agree with it (or disagree!).

Make sure you include a link to and fully acknowledge the original.

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