27 Varieties of blog post 1: Linkers

Aiming to be a comprehensive resource for HE bloggers, this is the first in an updated series of types of blog post. If you master all of these you’ll never run out of things to post on your blog. Examples are often, but not exclusively, from learning technology blogs.

27 varieties of blog post 1 linkers1: Linkers

This is about collecting one or – better – a series of links to websites, blogs or other online content. It’s a very common kind of post. Many bloggers use at least one of these per week, often labelled “link of the week” (which is not the best keyword from the SEO [search engine optimisation] point of view!). Some bloggers specialise in only this kind of post. The best ones are not simply a link but have some kind of annotation indicating why it’s recommended.

This kind of post is a staple of any blog.

Example 1:

Jane Hart’s Learning in the Modern Workplace blog

e.g., http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/blog/2015/03/01/february-2015/

Example 2:

Open For Learning: From the University of Nottingham Learning Technology Blog, October 2010 posted by S Stapleton


“This recently published Open for Learning resource was produced as part of the JISC funded BERLiN project.

“The resource aims to share knowledge gained from involvement in the BERLiN project, develop open content literacy and explore perspectives, attitudes and approaches to open learning. The resource was initially commissioned to support the delivery of a face to face OER workshop available for staff at Nottingham – but has developed into a standalone module helping learners to find, use and publish OER.”

How to write this kind of post

  1. Use Delicious, ScoopIt, Storify, Evernote, Twitter or your source of preference to store interesting websites / blogs / posts that you come across.
  2. Give the name and web address of the link [link it!].
  3. Say what the page or website is.
  4. Add a sentence or two saying why you found it interesting. Use words like:
  • This website is …
  • I was intrigued when I read this post because…
  • Here’s a useful site that offers…
  1. You can do this for a group of links, or compare and contrast links

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