Year of the hashtag!

This is the year of the hashtag! Hashtags (Wikipedia UoNELC tweetsare being used in emails, forum posts, blog posts, other online services like Instagram or Facebook and even in informal school or college coursework. Children in particular are using hashtags a lot more these days, as evidenced by Hashtag being declared “children’s word of the year” by the Oxford University Press. (See BBC News Why children love the # symbol ) #blametwitter

Hashtags can be used for all sorts of campaigns and collaborations, some very creative.
A hashtag recently promoted by Red magazine is #redbookday (28th May): “a whole day devoted to the pure joy of books.”  Well I can’t argue with that one.

I often keep an eye on conference and event hashtags, whether I’m there in person (e.g. #UoNELC) or just interested in the discussion (e.g. #digitalcapability). And we had a recent hilarious evening reading about and contributing to #eurovision2015 or #eurovision.

One of the hashtags I’ve enjoyed following (OK, it’s been around a couple of years now, particularly on World Book Day!) is the #shelfie  hashtag. Put simply it is pictures of bookshelves, but the best are very clever and have a theme. You can find some examples at the Twitter page for shelfie, the Instagram page or at the Guardian (Shelfie-show-photo-your-bookshelf).