Socrative tool

Interesting that both the #octel MOOC this week and our university’s Spaces and Technologies for Learning conference on Friday #uonspaceconf have mentioned Socrative. Looks like a really good tool, free for educators and an easy way to do quizzes or polls or the like during live sessions.

Andy Fisher demonstrated it at the conference and while it does require students to have a device it is easy to use.

Session design should ensure that those who do not have a device are not excluded. I guess once upon a time pen and paper were essential tools for lecture note taking and now it’s a device. If students are told early enough they will have the chance to participate.

B Jones who say next to me can be credited with this idea: of using Socrative to record attendance. Of course you could just ask students directly to answer a question with their names, but even better would be to simply incorporate names or student ids into a question that is relevant to the session, wasting less time.

I plan to investigate next to see if the output from Socrative can be imported into Moodle in some way – unless someone other already knows?