Bucket list

imageI haven’t been much of a believer in bucket lists up until now. But as I’ve been working hard and and haven’t had a proper holiday this year, I thought I really need something to look forward to.

This aims to be the beginning of a list I can look forward to! I enjoy planning so even that will give me some enjoyment.

So here goes ( in no particular order)

  1. Learn to tap dance
  2. Stay in a cottage in the Cotswolds
  3. Take J to the Fat Duck restaurant
  4. Wear leather trousers (!)
  5. Learn mandolin (I have one)
  6. Finishing writing book (even if not published)
  7. Have an artwork in an exhibition
  8. Take photos of Parc Guell in Barcelona
  9. Swim in the Pacific, preferably off one of those perfect white beaches in the South Seas, while staying in one of those dreamy beach cabins.
  10. Sit in an Icelandic hot spring
  11. Visit Cuzco, Chichen Itza and other Inca, Mayan and/or Aztec sites
  12. See Petra
  13. Float in the Dead Sea

It’s a start! I am surprised by how many travel ones I have come up – I suppose I really do need a holiday!