Evernote – now has reminders

evernote_remindersI’ve been steadily becoming a fan of Evernote for some time. It syncs with home and work computers and my Nexus 4 smartphone (plus the family tablet) and makes it really easy to move stuff around (remembering to delete the note if it is just to move something)

  • Key information is available to me at all times
  • I use it for bookmarking websites to go back to : the same bookmarks are then available on all devices
  • I use it to keep recipes – I can stand my phone or the tablet up in the kitchen to follow as I cook
  • I use it for my shopping list, add things to it anywhere I am, edit it, and carry it round the shop with me

Now that Evernote has a Reminder function, it becomes possible to use it as my To Do list, for which I have recently stopped using Remember the Milk and Astrid (the free versions don’t sync often enough or are missing other features).It has tagging and categories (notebooks) within a To Do stack, so I can continue to use my kanban board process. I’ll describe that in a later post once I’ve got to grips with the interface… I’m slightly concerned that not all features are available on all versions of the app.

Evernote blog post about Reminders feature