Prototyping Moving on with Moodle (an advanced Moodle course for staff)

graderreportPrototyping Moving on with Moodle (an advanced Moodle course for staff)

I don’t tend to create course materials that require a lot of programming – the aim of our whole team at my institution has been to create tools to make the production of materials as easy as a prototype would be in the first place!

That doesn’t mean that I don’t do prototyping.

This week I’m concentrating on a course I’m designing that needs and has reached the point of prototyping. In fact it’s part way through an iterative process. The first two tryouts (“pilots”, first with colleagues and then with two learners) were not as successful as I would like and threw out some problems so I am hoping that prototyping more thoroughly will help me come up with a successful final design.

The course is a two-hour face-to-face advanced course in Moodle.  The issues is in the online aspects of it – obviously the learners need to practice what they are learning in Moodle during the workshop – it’s a very hands-on type of course.  The problem is that to get to the “advanced” tasks a series of preliminary stages need to be in place.

 OLDSMOOC Learning Journal  

I am prototyping by producing a more or less complete working version of one of the activities. If this works OK I’ll rewrite the whole course in this way. I’m prototyping my live demo using Jing to create a sceencast.   [Note: Is this really a prototype?]

Set goal – to understand how Grades work in Moodle

Describe task: view Grader report, change number of rows, add two marks, create a grade item, export the gradebook and re-import.

Tool – Moodle training course space

Data collection

  • Observe how users interact with the instructions, take notes of actions, timings and talk
  • Refer back to any interesting moments – especially any in which they vary from the designed activity – and ask what they were thinking at that moment or why they took that action.

The activity is to understand how Grades work in Moodle

Elements required in prototype:

  • Moodle course space with Grades pre-set up
  • Demo + Instructions to do some tasks within Moodle’s Grades.

My Prototype

Moodle Grades instructions

Moodle Grades Demo video

Prototyping cloud in Cloudworks