I’ve managed to get a bit behind on this week’s activities – or at least on posting them.  I have been deep in the detail of a couple of courses –  trying to “mould those ideas into quite explicit descriptions of what you and the learners will be doing, hour by hour, minute by minute, on some part of the course” as the week 4 blurb describes it.

This week we were asked to create a ‘pedagogical pattern’ that

(a) addresses a learning outcome

(b) provides a way of achieving that outcome, in the form of a set of teaching-learning activities or TLAs, and

(c) includes in those activities a way of enabling the teacher and learners to judge how well they have achieved the learning outcome.

Although this was supposed to be a pairs activity, I really left it too late to get a partner.  Therefore, I adapted one of the Patterns available  on my own – “Teach to learn”, into an exercise that also produces a collaborative artifact “Teach and Collaborate”. In this case it’s designed for those undertaking MOOCs, particularly as facilitators and involves coming up with a collaborative definition of MOOC.

(Click for larger version)

PPC Pattern Shared

I do like the idea of using patterns for activities, and as I go through my plan of activities in the courses I design now, I will be looking at how they break into patterns which can be re-used.  I suspect that if the same patterns are re-used in a course, then learners will become familiar with them and get more out of them – so long as patterns are not used too often or the same one too close together.

I didn’t have a partner to do the rest of the week’s activities with, but I have made an appointment to discuss with a colleague how tools like this might be made available to our colleagues.

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