OLDSMOOC Wk3 Imagining the design

So here are the results of my design exercise for my own project – a MOOC (I’m focusing on assessment in a MOOC, but obviously at this stage the visualisations are of the assessment in the context of the whole course!)

Course Feature Cards


Activity profile – Predict

A MOOC will of course have quite a bit of directed reading and quite a bit of communication, so that’s where the activities concentrate.


Plan Activity profile


Comments that arose out of the activities

  1. I need to confirm the hours for a 10 or 20 credit module.
  2. I can work out by percentages, roughly
  3. Some of these activities will be new to many learners so they will take longer for some than others
  4. Some activities come into more than one type – e.g., producing something that is then assessed. So 2 hours of production plus 1 hour of assessment?
  5. This could skew the calculations about time required – it can only be very generalised and “average”.
  6. My project is to consider students taking the same course at different credit levels and no credit (MOOC style) so I probably need to do an Activity Map for at least one of each type of learner…
  7. Some of the module is about learning to learn, especially in the MOOC format
  8. It has implications for facilitation – which of these types of learning needs most facilitation?   Might have unexpected answer!
  9. Skills also need to be directly applicable to employability so experiential learning might be important
  10. I don’t really know what the difference between experiential and adaptive is – isn’t investigate the same as explore or experiment?

Now I’ll go and contribute to the group projects I’m involved in.  Comments welcome!