#oldsmooc Dreambazaar – proposed project

Helen Whitehead: New approaches to e-assessment

Tags: #oldsmooc, e-assessment, assessment, Rogo, multiple choice quizzes, avaluatong, assessing MOOCs, MOOC

Training courses already held on e-assessment – very much about how to use the technology. Would like to support development of associated resources that can be used in face to face or online courses. I suspect a lot of these will be OERs.

These resources will be for anyone – academics, learning support or administrative, to find out a bit more about the current theories of e-assessment and Above all it will get people thinking about their practice, and direct people to other sources of good information. It will be a module on Moodle but I am open to other ways of making it available – perhaps as an OER itself.

The challenge is to find new approaches and pilot studies of new approaches – for myself I’m particularly interested in assessing MOOCs where the same MOOC is used for credit-taking and non-credit-taking students. There are some exemplars within my University, where colleagues have developed an e-assessment system that has recently gone open source, and of course there is assessment based on online participation which has moved a long way since I first developed rubrics for assessing online discussions.

And will this be an assessed course itself or just a selection of self-study materials… to be decided!

Success will be contributing to the help and support available to colleagues in my institution and others.