This time of year on Learning Communities

Evoluent vertical mouseWhile I am blogging more often these days at Learning Technology Blog (from University of Nottingham Learning Technology Section) I’m always intrigued to find out what was on my mind at this time in previous years.

Friends on Facebook – fake contacts?
I and others were concerned in 2010 with whether or not Facebook was a worthwhile activity for professionals and those in education. I guess nowadays Facebook is pretty entrenched – but these arguments are still valid. Nowadays I find I don’t use Facebook a lot, but for some situations it is now the only way to contact people.

6 key tips on how to write a blog post
How to turn ideas into effective blog posts (2010)

Features of eportfolios
I was musing on some features of eportfolios which sit between one’s personal space/personal learning space and the institutional learning space (eg VLE) (2009)

Avoiding RSI
Perhaps the post I should have taken note of though was the one on Avoiding RSI. Three years later, I have been crippled for weeks with RSI. Luckily my employer is supporting me in finding alternative ways to work and alternative products to mitigate the effects.